Mirthless and Sexless in Texas

What is so chilling about Texas’ new abortion law isn’t the lack of provisions for rape or incest. Nor is it the effective end of legal abortion in Texas. It is the weaponization of the citizenry against each other’s sex lives. What I do with…


From the above op-Ed from Michael Brendan Dougherty, editor of the National Review:

“I have faith that one day, even secular historians will look upon what was wrought after Vatican II and see it for what it was: the worst spasm of iconoclasm in the church’s history — dwarfing…


Let us say Being is stability and Becoming is instability. Becoming is the numerically greater of the two states. But Being is the prefered state. Homo sapiens prefers predictability, regularity, etc versus shocks and surprises.


When you move from Being/Stable to Becoming/Unstable, you incur Risk.

Becoming/Unstable States (B/U)…

I’ve enjoyed Hacks. Jean Smart is so fucking good, she could read the phone book and people would watch her. She’s got Robert Duvall’s understatedness, which makes her dramatic moments really pop. But there are a couple of moments in the series which reveal the dramatic limits of the sitcom…

From the perspective of a long time bartender/waiter the Daunte Wright shooting is really pertinent to things that FnB folks do all the time. Which makes it even more ridiculous/heartbreaking.

1. The cops were clearly pretexting by pulling Wright over for the expired tags and the air freshener. He had…

Gotta question — Python versus Linux? Which would you learn first and why? (and for the purpose of the lesson, you can’t learn them in parallel). My outcomes here are DevNet or Blue Team or Pentesting. It kind of all depends.

I: 1942/05/02, 1942/11/20, 1978/11/18 — ARMAC was born in May of 1942. Joe Biden and I are two days apart on November birthdays. And My God, does Joe Biden remind me of ARMAC and his Kelly cousins. Biden also reminds me of this glorious time in the mid to late…

I’ve been around kitties and dogs most of my life. I’ve been around children as an ESL teacher. I am pretty convinced that not only do they think but that small mammals all pretty much have the same rational capacity.

Remember y’all — Childhood is just evolution tryna kill you. If kitties were neurostructurally adults, those bastards would live to be 60 or so.

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