So, I’m going to reformat somethings around here. Since the Trump Era is over, there’s not a lot of need to be bitching about his fat ass anymore. I’m going to migrate my politics and religion stuff to another Medium account and keep this one as a chronicle of my midlife career change.

I decided to transition into IT in 2018, but given the hard realities of the bare rocky metal world that we live in, it took a little while to get everything moved. Add to that COVID, a house sale (not mine), a stroke (also not mine), Trump’s bullshit (thank fucking God that shit ain’t mine), and the general uncertainties and vicissitudes of life (definitely mine), it has taken a bit to get everything off the ground. But I’ve currently got something in the air. It’s a bit janky and herks and jerks in a mild breeze, but it’s a start.

This new format “The Common Places of Siliconía” will be an exploration of my journey through Information Technology, Cybersecurity, Computational Linguistics and whatever the hell else suits my fancy. It’s modeled loosely after Montaigne’s Essais which is why “Common Places”. A commonplace book was a form of organization in the analog days where a notebook served as the repository for anything the reader was interested in. I used my Facebook for that very purpose from 2009 until recently. However, given the strategic and tactical political consequences of dealing with Facebook, as well as the cognitive limitations of that platform, I am moving my commonplace book here to Medium. “Siliconía” should be obvious, although I’ve put the accent on the end just to make this virtual space sexy and foreign — like Kassandra and Alexios in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, as opposed to the fucked out banalities of Silicon Valley, Silicon Prairie, or Boston — locales that are looking at the midcentury mark in age.

My Zero article will be “How I got here”.
The First will be about the Dephysicalization of Everything.
The Second will be about VARK modalities and Boulders-Stones-Pebbles-Sand methods of organization, learning, and time crunches.
The Third will be an explanation of my links to M68 and the M68 Aesthetic which is a matrix of OULIPO, cDc, Hakim Bey, and Flann O’Briann.

I hope you enjoy and I do not disappoint, dear reader.

Thank you,

Your Loving MAIJAX

How we got from there to here and the sites along the way