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  • Richard de Vries

    Richard de Vries

    A passionate security professional who shares his knowledge, wisdom, and experiences to ensure we can make the world a little bit more secure.

  • Kostas


    I’m Kostas and I am a security researcher. My interests lie in #ThreatIntel, #malware, #IR & #Threat_Hunting. I either post here or at http://thedfirreport.com/

  • Ovidiu Ursachi

    Ovidiu Ursachi

    Experienced cybersecurity solution professional, passionate about NLP, continuous learner. Founder of masernet. More on me: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ursachi/

  • Hacktivities


    Interested in all things Cyber Security and Technology.

  • Katlyn Gallo

    Katlyn Gallo

    Coffee lover, bookworm, and InfoSec enthusiast | https://ktgblogs.com | Find me on Twitter & Instagram: @ktgblogstech

  • Vicente Aceituno Canal

    Vicente Aceituno Canal

    Evidence-based cybersecurity management leader

  • National Institute of Standards and Technology

    National Institute of Standards and Technology

    NIST promotes U.S. innovation by advancing measurement science, standards and technology in ways that enhance economic security and improve our quality of life.

  • Tarah Wheeler

    Tarah Wheeler

    New America Cybersecurity Policy Fellow, Principal Security Advisor at Red Queen Technologies, hacker, speaker, leader, incident response, author Women In Tech

  • Kevin Poulsen

    Kevin Poulsen

    Contributing editor at WIRED, and the author of the cybercrime book KINGPIN (Crown, 2011). kevin.poulsen@gmail.com. kingpin.cc

  • Kim Crawley

    Kim Crawley

    I research and write about nearly all cybersecurity topics — offensive, defensive, hacker culture, cyber threats, you-name-it.

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