Francisco de Vitoria, USMC of The Lord

HWAET! The reason the Spanish only rank #3 on the asshole scale of Early European Imperialism is because of the Dominicans.

Context: Here in America, we have a group of White Supremacists who call themselves Catholics. They hide behind the Latin Mass and Traditional Catholicism, say silly things like “Deus Lo Volt” [instead of the coolest medieval saying involving God — “Tuez-les tous. Dieu connaitre les siens”] and are usually ardent Neo-Thomists. I don’t have the time or the patience to go into why they are Neo-Thomists here. But one of the things I am absolutely goddamned sure of is that the Angelic Doctor Himself, St. Tommy of Aquino, would probably hate his modern day followers. Now why would I say that? Because he was cutting edge for the 13th century and they believe in 700 year old ideas that have grown decrepit and moldy. As we regard Neo-Thomists, Thomas would have regarded Boethius. Who are the Thomists of today? The Nouvelle Theologie. But that is a different children’s story for a different bedtime.

Issue: Thomas was a Dominican. By the 16th century, the Dominicans in Spain had established a school of jurisprudence and general intellectual badassery at the University of Salamanca. Francisco de Vitoria was one of the thinkers there. These friars are responsible for the beginning of universal human rights as well of laying the foundations for international law. There is a straight line from St. Thomas to Vitoria to Antonio de Montesinos to Bartolome de las Casas to Gustavo Gutierriez and Subcomandante Marcos in las Altas de Chiapas. All Dominicans. As much as the Jesuits want to claim all Social Justice movements in the Catholic Church, it’s much like the CIA laying claim for every amphibious landing since 1949. it was obviously the USMC that did the hard work. Whereas the Jesuits are God’s Mafia, the Dominicans are the Marines of The Lord.

Of course, the Dominicans are probably indirectly responsible for the defeat of the English Armada at the hands of Francis Drake, but that is a different children’s story for a different bedtime.

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