Gael Larp

The Common Places of Siliconía
2 min readAug 27, 2022

It is my understanding my grandfather was a Republican. Why? Statistically speaking how strange would it have been for a white Man in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, civil engineer/surveyor for an oil company to be a Republican? His father was a democrat and the son of a Slave owner. Trump as Slave owner. They sold their own sons into slavery.

The whole terrible part of the Trump experience is the impact this will have on Barron 11. Barron is 11. His father is gambling sons financial health on a game of probabilities with Gaia. And she’s the ultimate landlord…

If my fight with the Boomers was merely about history, I would laugh at them and add them to the annual rings on the great oak tree that has been humanity in the Scroll of Life.

“Wotan cut down Igdrassil and turned the bark into paper. We ceased being warriors and turned into scribes and programmers.
We never realized Writing was battle until that day.

We just killed each other when we were roaming. It wasn’t until we settled that we discovered the idea of the poet- warrior. We picked it up from our neighbors.

Who was that?
The Irish.
Well they weren’t called that at the time. That was their maiden name. They were originally called Celts, but then the mixing happened. We don’t like to talk about.”

I can kind of understand White Identity Politics. It’s like a gigantic LARP where you get to play a character class in a Tolkien based universe.


“We’re the Saxons! We get to play the beserkers.” “We’re the Vikings. We get to play as Mayraders

We’re the Celts. We get to play as the drunks.

Except that my character the Celt is almost universally revered as a heroic figure in a comedic form, who calls bullshit on the whole enterprise, makes fun of the judges, eats your wife out and still makes out as the hero of the tale. And that’s exactly what I’ve doing. White Supremacy is playing Lord Of The Rings as a Virtual overlay. For your entire life. Except you forgot the headgear. And you’re acting like Aragorn when in reality ITS S MOTHERFUKCKING FANTASY DUDE!!!!