I: 1942/05/02, 1942/11/20, 1978/11/18 — ARMAC was born in May of 1942. Joe Biden and I are two days apart on November birthdays. And My God, does Joe Biden remind me of ARMAC and his Kelly cousins. Biden also reminds me of this glorious time in the mid to late 1990s when Democrats where in the ascendant, the Cold War was over, the Hippie War Babies/Baby Boomers were happily watching their children go to college, and while the music simultaneously sucked on the radio, it was badassss on CD. You just had to special order it.


II: Joe Biden is the Borders Books of US Presidents. Which truly urges us to consider — Match the US President with their level of literacy. Obviously, Trump is what would happen if one of those trashy NYC broadsheet tabloids got elected. “I hate the Media!”. Well, shit, Don… That’s a helluva self-own. If all I could ever comprehend was the NY Post, I’d hate the Media too.

Obama is pretty clearly the New Yorker. I think we can fill the rest of this out at our leisure.

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