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2 min readDec 24, 2023

The problem with this whole “Classical” education paradigm (CEP) and why it’s utterly Post-Modern and not truly Catholic.

Catholic School educations were never explicitly political. Sure, there are inherent political positions within a Catholic Education, but It was never overtly political. The Liberal Arts in the Catholic Universe were always a tool by which to judge politics, not a weapon in a political arsenal.

The CEP IS explicitly political and has a trunk load of baggage in train. It is designed to roll back Common Core and Modern Education Theory (Most of which is crap, I grant.) CEP is also usually the operant paradigm at private schools receiving vouchers. School Choice and Vouchers are simply dog whistles designed to communicate subtly that this movement is in fact about continuing segregation, albeit with a pretty font and fancier wrapping paper.

When you combine the political position that is inherent in the CEP — “Public Schools are bad and/or failing” with the fact that school choice is just another phrase for segregation, it is obvious that CEP is antithetical to Catholic Education. The Catholic Church in the US, for all of Her faults, spent the 20th century fighting tooth and nail AGAINST segregation. It was THE Social Justice fight of the institution (And the Tragedy of Bernard Law, but that’s another story). But to know that, you have to have been raised Catholic. They’re not going to teach any of this to you at RCIA. You have to have had the stories transmitted at Christmas and Easter, over Sunday dinner by your parents and their community. The RCC might be fucked in a 100 other ways, but The Catholic Church ain’t segregationist. Classical Educationists are. The paradigm of “Classical” Education is simply not Catholic education. “Classical” Education is Converts using Latin to disguise their White Supremacy while being parasitic on the prestige of Catholic Schooling.