So, reading Mackinder, I came across a part where he discusses the Junker Class as large landowners (。 There is a fascinating global development that occurs from about 1860 to 1870 or so. All across the globe, the first thing you notice in this time period is a move to consolidate national territories into one sovereign nation. Prussia creates modern Germany. The Japanese begin the Meiji Restoration. Juarez begins creating modern Mexico. Lincoln stands firm against the CSA. I never could put my finger on why this happened in the 1860s.

Mackinder provides a clue. Globally, large landowners are forced to give their agricultural workers rights.

I’m assuming German workers become more industrialized and less agricultural.

I’d be willing to bet something similar happens in Japan.

Juarez is basically nothing more than a huge indigenous peasant movement. The 1860s

Slavery is abolished in the US. 1865

Russia frees the serfs. 1861

There are two interesting outliers here — China, which is absolutely completely fucked by the 100 years of humiliation. Those poor people will be grub eating peasants until 1985. (China really is one fucking thing after another until Deng Xiaoping.)

and The “Empire” of Brazil (bless their little hearts) doesn’t outlaw slavery until 1888

How does this pertain to the present day?

We are watching the Global Billionaire Class become the Modern Junkers. The Filthy rich of the world want nothing more than the vast majority of the human population to become a new class of electric serfdom.

Just consider the US housing market, REITS and investment firms are pricing the average American family out of the market and reducing them to perpetual renters.



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