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1 min readOct 24, 2022

On this day in history 10/24/1959…

The Tri-Letter Commision rules the world. Not the TriLateral Committee.

The TLC supplies the three letter abbreviations for the entire world, but especially for political movements and Internetworking. The Russians tried to create their own Tetraslovo Comitat, and created the USSR, CCCP, and various four letter acronyms. But it was just too damned weird to work, like most things Russian. (The kerning only worked in Cyrillic.) And so, in the late 1950s, an international group of linguists, philologists, philanderers, electrical engineers, meteorologists, lieutenant colonels from the Department of Defense and of course, the Jews, came together in Downtown Sandusky, Ohio to hammer out what would become the infamous “1959 Rieger Stipulate” which laid down the framework for all future three letter acronyms.

They have only accumulated power since that fateful, blustery October day in the waning, cardiac-arrest years of the Eisenhower administration.